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High Magick by Damien Echols is one of the best places to start for beggininer ceremonial magick pracitioners.

In High Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row a book that explains some of the most basic concepts of magick. You can practice all the exercises at home with no props at all. The only thing you need is you mind, patience, and willpower. You will start with some exercises in breathing, concentration, visualization and end up learning the Qabalistic Cross, the Middle Pilar and the LBRP some of the most useful easy to follow rituals to start in this amazing magickal path. Even if you are not a beginner and have some experience, Damien Echols´ style and advice can help you shape the way you perform some of these rituals in a fresh coherent way. If you don’t know who Damien Echols is I highly recommend you look into him, he is famous for falsely being convicted to death row and he overcame many difficulties there with the methods in High Magick, you can check his book Life After Death where he explains everything about his experiences in jail.

This book contains an introduction to Magick is and how it works from the perspective of the author and the occult current he uses which is a personalized version of his Golden Dawn practices.

Humans began practicing magick as soon as they developed the faculty of imagination. Magick and evolved from the basic rituals at the fireplace as primitive humans all the way to more complex ways of performing it like in the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn.

Training your mind to start performing the Magickal work: visualizations, basic meditations, how to raise and direct energy, and when you fully understand the basics, you learn how to personalize your own Magickal rituals and practices.

And one of the most important things in the book are the main rituals and some variations it teaches you. You get to learn the Middle Pilar, the Qabalistic Cross the Lesser Banishing ritual of the pentagram, among others he explains step by step with very clear and easy to follow instructions and suggestions.

Some advantages to using this book to learn the basics of Magick are:

  • It involves no tools, you can use robes, wands, candles, and extra props but it is not necessary at all.
  • You only need your hands your mind and some time
  • The instructions for the rituals are easy to follow.
  • The rituals are simple. You don’t necessarily need to do the rituals on a certain date, moon, hour of the day or anything super specific or complicated.
  • Most likely you will feel the effects since the first times you start practicing.
  • Very usefull charts and detailed pictures to follow while performing the rituals.
The Qabalistic Cross Chart from High Magick
The Qabalistic Cross
The Middle Pillar Picture and explanation
The Middle Pillar Picture
The LBRP Pentagram explanation
LBRP Pentagram

You will be able to perform magick very fast and with results, at least that is my opinion and many others who use these methods.

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