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The 72 Angels of Magick will give you the power to dominate success, fortune, and obtain what you wish through an easy-to-follow ritual, various angels and their energies or powers. These angels can be easily contacted if you follow the instructions and have a little patience and some practice.

The system was developed by a group of occultists known as The Gallery of Magick and the figured out a way that anyone can perform magick through simplified versions of older materials and grimoires. It is of the highest importance that you read the instructions thoroughly and that you are serious and involved in the process.  

If you are a beginning magician you might find some of the words in the book strange and intimidating, but don’t worry because the rituals work and it doesn’t matter if you know what they mean or not, if you are truly interested in these subjects you will end up researching them just like you found this review.


To contact an angel you need no props, altar, or any fancy instruments.

But it won´t hurt if you want to use them.

You simply need to follow the methods in the book, have the book in front of you, have some of the sigils ready, the master ritual text and your petition or intention. The pictures bellow show some of the props that I made myself to perform some of the rituals, but the only thing you truly need is the book, I created them because that how I like to perform any ritual from any book.

Some advantages you have when you follow this methods.

  • Sigils are ready to use for your ritual
  • It contains easy to follow straight forward rituals.
  • Just follow instructions, set an intention, and let the angel assist you to achieve your goal.
  • You don’t need to go overcomplicate the rituals.

You don’t need to overcomplicated rituals, this book will assist you with the goals you want as long as you follow instructions, don’t feel nervous I know that the first time it is performed it can get confusing, but just like a music teacher during the first lessons the angels will have patience will understand your intention. So don’t doubt it give this fantastic magickal book a chance.

You can get more information about the book and its price here in the button bellow.

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